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The Four Pillars of Business Success is a business book written to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, and managers learn to develop the strong foundation every business needs to be the best in class.

The book’s author, Alan Yong, utilizes the insights he has gained over the course of four decades in business to offer today’s entrepreneurs a roadmap to success. This book is written to help them overcome many of the most common strategic and operational challenges confronting today’s companies. In a world where more than two-thirds of all business enterprises fail within their first ten years, The Four Pillars of Business Success calls upon its readers to return to first principles to achieve real and lasting success.

“This is one of the better single sources for entrepreneurs looking for counsel in their newly minted businesses.”


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“Readers will find in these pages a complete manual for the start-up company, packed with solid, practicable counsel from a seasoned pro.”

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“A debut guide [which] offers a systematic plan for entrepreneurs to improve their companies.”


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Interview with Eric Dye from Entrepreneur Podcast Network

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Alan Yong discuss the following:

  • Tell us about yourself and some of the things you are most passionate about.
  • What are some of your most exciting business ventures you have been involved?
  • What do you see as some of the most significant business opportunities available today?
  • What advice would you give to someone just getting started in business?
  • What would you say is or has been your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur?

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Interview with Cindy Rodriguez from The Fiere Entrepreneur

Listen to interview with host Cindy Rodriguez & guest Alan Yong discuss the following:

Alan Yong became an entrepreneur immediately after graduating from college. In this episode, we talk about how he landed contracts worth over half a billion dollars, lost it all, and a few years later got back into entrepreneurship again.

He also shares invaluable business information from his 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

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Featured in Your Author Questions Answered from Wedding Planner Magazine

Alan Yong was featured in the “Your Author Questions Answered” from Wedding Planner Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 Edition:

“My one book I recently read was Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success. This book starts with you, as the business owner, understanding why you are doing what you are doing, helps you to take risks that other business owners in your field have not taken so you are not a follower but a leader. I learned a lot about myself and what I desire for my business. …This book encouraged me to go beyond the natural, go beyond where I am today, and strive for better. Read More Here

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Following in the footsteps of my siblings, I started my own construction business right after I graduated from high school. Being a greenhorn, Lady Luck must have smiled on me, as I won a contract to construct a large reservoir to supply water for a city and ended up making my first million. Unfortunately, that led me to think that being successful in business would always be that easy. It wasn’t. For the next fifteen years, I struggled with larger and larger projects with as many as 200 employees; getting a little better after each lesson learned.

Trial and error is a very expensive process in business. Though I am doing well now, this book could have been of immense help to me earlier in life. It took me years to realize that great ideas, passion, hard work, and connections are not enough to succeed in business. The Four Pillars of Business Success is the most comprehensive and inspirational entrepreneur book ever published, and one that could have helped me avoid all the pitfalls and unnecessary mistakes that cost me so much time, money, and stress. This is a must-read book for any up and coming entrepreneur, and one that you’ll come to rely on in your own business endeavors.

Alex Yong

Packed with winning strategies drawn from Alan’s real life business practices, and his genuine passion to help people hone their entrepreneurial skills,The Four Pillars of Business Success offers new insight for everyone from the solo entrepreneur to the business owner whose company has hundreds of employees. Even if you only pick up a few of the core concepts from the book. you will vastly improve your business and increase your odds of long-term success.

Joe Hauenstein

Reading the Four Pillars of Business Success is an incredible opportunity for business owners to discover what it takes to be a global leader in their field. It also provides employees with valuable insight into developing leadership qualities and skills that are highly valued by successful employers.

Chase Green

In this book, Alan Yong reminds us that building a business that can survive the test of time requires more than just great marketing and an ability to keep up with new technologies. His holistic, systems-based approach to business design and management can help any new business owner establish the solid foundation needed to thrive and prosper in an ever-changing marketplace.

Ken Chase

At its core, this book provides a road map to success for any aspiring Entrepreneur. If I took the time to read and implement the ideas presented in this book, I would probably be able to retire today. It is written in a clear no-nonsense format that provides direction in a way that is applicable to any type of business. There would be far fewer failures if more small business start-ups read and understood this book. I cannot recommend it highly enough. My combination of business ventures would have benefited at just about every level. My business incorporated retail, wholesale and service departments, and each would have fared much better had I incorporated the ideas found in this text. Just to be clear, my businesses were not failing, but they were not living up to their real potential.

Ashley Eldridge